Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Snag-of-the-Week

As I've mentioned before, Goodwill is a GREAT place to visit to snag up some excellent deals that you'll never be able to find in department stores.

Last week I went to my local Goodwill Store and dropped off/donated some of my old clothes that was cluttering up my closet. While I was there, I decided to take a quick walk around the store part to see if there was any good deals that I could snag up...and there was!!

The hubby & I just bought a house (we move in 1 1/2 weeks) and I had a whole list of things that I wanted to buy. Why a list? Because if I'm out & about, I know what we need and when I see it on sale, I snag'em up! ;-) This prevents from over-spending and complusive buying.

I went to the back of the store where they had tables, and dishes, picture frames, etc etc. That's when this caught my eye:

It's a *BRAND NEW* Hose Hideway that still had the original price tag from Target on it (which was originally $43, on clearance for $30). This was on my to-buy list, so I looked at the price and almost fell over right there in the store!!

The price was...

Yep! $9.99!! A $43 item for $9.99 and it was BRAND NEW with the stickers still on it! That's about a 77% price reduction and because it was a Goodwill, that $10 that I used to purchase it went to charity. :)

This is why this is my Snag-of-the-Week!!

(aka Bargain Hunter)