Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Tis the season to be SCARY and so are the prices of Halloween Costumes! Lawwdy! Okay, before you sulk too much, let me list some VERY cheap (or even FREE) ways to get yourself a Halloween costume!

Goodwill/Thrift Store:

Start your search this year at your local thrift store and/or Goodwill store! Turn old out-dated clothes into a costume that will get you noticed and be the talk of the town!

Look through old prom dresses from the 70's, make some rips in it, throw some fake blood on it, and you have a realistic prom-date-from-hell costume and probably for under $10. I've even seen guys do this idea, which I think is both awesome and hilarious. ;-)

You could also get some authentic bell bottoms and a "groovy" top for pennies on the dollar. The rest is up to you!

For makeup: You can either go to the dollar store which will have TONS of halloween makeup & fake blood and/or masks, or grab a girl friend that knows how to do kick-ass makeup (fake bruises, scars, etc.)

Start by looking in your own closet for some vintage clothing (60's, 70's, 80's), or post a "Wanted" ad for free on your towns Freecycle group! MANY people have a costume that their child wore once last year and haven't thrown it out and they're willing to give it away, totally free, if you go & pick it up. I use freecycle for just about everything and it has saved me thousands of dollars in the 2 years I've been using them. And yes, it is TOTALLY free. Give it a shot! You can also look on Craigslist.com for free or SUPER cheap costumes for the whole family!!

Now, if you have a little extra coinage in your pocket that you can part with this Halloween season, you can find GREAT bargains at Frank Bee Costumes. Pick up a Womans 60's Groovy outfit for $25, or a Teletubbies costume for your little one for just $15 bucks, or a Ninja Warrior costume for under $10!!

Happy Halloween!!

(aka Bargain Hunter)