Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sell Your Old Stuff to Buy New Stuff

This is just a quick tip for everyone that I wanted to share and that I have gone over a few times on this blog.

The basic rule that I personally live by is: Sell Old to Get New!

I went to Petco the other day with my husband and we took our 6 month old golden retriever with us. Well, the leash we brought her on was not the strongest and with all of her puppy excitement and jumping for joy at dogs and people for a little lovin', I quickly headed over to the leash department and found the strongest (and cutest! ;-) ) leash I could find! I made sure it was top quality and a leash that I could use for the life of my golden. It was indeed top quality, and so was the price! The leash was $18 and I felt sick to my stomach that I was going to be paying full price for it. I tried to justify the cost by saying that it would last her whole life (and it probably will) so I'll save money by not buying a few cheap leashes over the next coming years. But $18 for a leash? Sheesh.

So this morning I was thinking about the $18 and how I still needed to/wanted to get that cost down somehow. It was time to sell some old stuff so I could easily afford the new stuff!

I went on and I listed 4 things for sale (a few of them being my dogs old collars and such that she doesn't wear anymore). I call it "Trading Up". I'll sell 4 old things to get 1 new quality thing.

If you do this all the time, you should be essentially getting new stuff for free or almost free. And the best part? You won't have unused stuff cluttering up your home! :)

Remember to "Sell Old to Buy New" and you'll always be the one with a money-saving grin on your face!!

(aka Bargain Hunter)