Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black Friday has started early!

This holiday season, stores are in desperate need of sales. Usually all stores wait until "Black Friday" (biggest shopping day of the year) to make bargain deals available to the public. This year, they're starting a week early in hopes of gaining an extra week of sales to help their sales slump.

At BFads.com, you can view Black Friday ads for Home Depot, JCPenny, Kohls, Kmart, Target, and a few more. The ads have been either "leaked" or made public by the store themselves to get those faithful Black Friday shoppers into shopping mode.

Most people shop for ONLY shop for others on Black Friday. Huge mistake! When browsing through ads and/or going through stores that have bargain deals, don't forget about you! If you see a nice fleece blanket on sale for $3 from $20, snag it up! Always put you first and others second, and you'll have a very successful Black Friday. :)

I am a Black Friday die-hard shopper and I figured I would share my tips for those new to the madness...

How to Shop on Black Friday:
(1) View ads online starting now & write down deals that you're interested in.
(2) Pick up the newspaper 2 days prior to Black Friday & go through every ad!
(3) Get a pair of scissors and cut out the deals in EACH AD from the newspaper.
(4) Separate the cut-out ads into groups: Target, Kohls, JcPenny, etc.
(5) Map it out! Choose which store is your top priority and then map out the rest of the stores that are nearby.
(6) Make an agenda: Write down, store-by-store, everything you want to snag up (don't forget to put the cut out ads in an envelope for easy reference & in case you need to price match at a different store!)

Your agenda should look similar to this...

Store 1 (5am) JCPenny=Airwalk shoes, Sony TV, 75% off purses.
Store 2 (6am) Kohls=Massage chair, work boots, wallet.

...etc etc.

If you see a great deal that you're worried will be sold out on Black Friday, head to that store as soon as possible, grab your item, and hide it in the store somewhere. This is becoming a common thing now, so it might work or it might not. But you'll at least have 2 shots at getting the item(s) that you want! :)

Happy Shopping!

(aka Bargain Hunter)