Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Restaurant.com-60% OFF!!!! (Hurry, ends Oct. 26th)

Restaurant.com has done it again!!

Take 60% off $25 Gift Certificates. Pay $4 when you use the code SAVOR. Valid 10/21/08 through 10/26/08.

If you have never purchased gift certificates through Restaurant.com, let me tell ya how it works:

(1) Select the restaurant(s) in your area that you would like dine at.
(2) Order your gift certificates: Coupon Code: SAVOR
(3) After you purchase, your gift certificates will be emailed to you!
(4) Print'em out on your computer.
(5) Take your loved one(s) out to a nice & CHEAP dinner! ;-)

Each gift certificate is valid for 1 year, and you can only use 1 per month (so don't too many of them at one time!)

Where else can you eat a $25 meal for $4?!!! Nowhere but Restaurant.com!!

Happy Eating! :-D

(aka Bargain Hunter)