Thursday, October 16, 2008

Host a Garage Sale..Online!

Trying to save a buck, or earn a couple of extra bucks? Host a garage!!

At times like these (when the economy is in the dumps), we are all struggling to get the best deals on things that we need and/or sell the things that we don't need or use anymore.

The solution?!

Many people in your area are selling their own items that they don't need anymore at prices that anyone can afford. So why not take the opportunity to save yourself alot of money by browsing through their ads! You can find anything from clothes to furniture, and everything in between!

Host an online garage sale:
There's 2 ways to do this: either you can do the traditional garage sale and advertise it on Craigslist, or you can list all your items you have for sale individually on Craigslist. Either way, you're getting rid of the stuff cluttering up your home while earning some money, too!

Take it one step further:
I'll give you an example of what I did last night: The hubby & I just adopted a puppy (we pick her up in a week when we move into our house), so this gave us time to look for the things that we needed. One of the things that we really needed was a an X-large dog crate (she's a golden retriever and will be around 75 lbs full grown). So we took a look on Craigslist and found one for $20. At the same time, we listed our microwave stand for sale (doesn't fit in our new house) for $30. Here's the breakdown:

Sold microwave stand for $30
-Bought dog crate for $20
= Free Dog Crate + $10 left over!

The bonus was that we actually paid nothing for the microwave cart, it was given to us by someone else about a year ago.

The savings? Around $200!! Petco had the same size dog crate going for $200. So not only did we save $200, we ended up with $10 more in our pockets!

And that, my friends, is how you save money using Craigslist! ;-) Don't forget, Craigslist is 100% free!! It's like ebay, but free and in your surrounding areas..and instead of shipping items, the customer comes to you!

So start cleaning out your closets and rid your home of unwanted items & start selling them for cash!!!

(aka Bargain Hunter)